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If you’re currently wracked with a chronic health condition, then I’d like to tell you a true story about hope.

Hope that could reduce, maybe even eliminate some of those conditions faster than you ever thought possible. And I’d like to tell you about it:

A long time ago, I was randomly attacked from behind while out with some close friends. I sustained a severe and devastating head injury that caused roughly a 90% loss of my gross motor function over the next year. Unfortunately, this caused regular back spasms that felt like little knives stabbing every nerve in my body. It was excruciating. I could barely walk and the dreadful idea of facing restorative back surgery haunted my thoughts at night.

Because of this…

I fell into a deep depression and started to drink heavily.

Sadly, it became worse. My chronic fatigue ended my career in electronics and computing earlier than I planned… and my sensitivity to light and loud sounds was just off the charts.

In the end, I was just existing in a broken body!

I tried various other therapies for a couple of years. Like many living with severe damage to the nervous system, I exhausted the treatments and therapies that were on the market. Even doctors told me, ‘there is nothing more they could do’. But I couldn’t accept that. I didn’t just want to survive but thrive and claim my health back.

And that was the start to a new life-changing journey to find alternative solutions.

The first treatment I found that could manage my pain better was called SCENAR therapy.

And the more I learned about it, the more involved I became within the complementary health world, the more fascinated I became with Frequency Medicine.

So much that I was invited to numerous back pain clinics where I met patients that were intending surgery, in recovery from recent surgery, and several years into recovery.

But I couldn’t help notice what they all had in common:

They all looked so unhappy as they still had to manage intense pain and relationship breakdowns.

As I’ve experienced this pain myself, I know first hand the heavy toll, pain can take on your life.

That was the tipping point to keep searching for a better solution.

And guess what?

I found it and now I want to tell the whole world about it’s amazing healing properties.

It’s called Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT).

What the fuss is all about

Because unlike painkillers and other conventional medicine that merely dull or try to mask the pain, BRT automatically scans your entire body to address the pain signal at the source.

This means…

It’s looking for the wrong frequencies, the frequencies of toxins, viruses and bacteria that is

causing your body to take longer to recover, or worse, never recover at all.

And when it spots these “little culprits”, it immediately sends a correcting frequency to that stress area of pain, to help rebalance it.

You see, the way it reveals traumas is by using a ‘1-6 point coloured scale’.

This simply means: The higher the number, the more stress is found in that area.
Where a 4-6 indicates immediate attention, while 1-3 signals the area is OK.
And the goal of course is to get the four, five and six-marker injuries to move down the scale to a three and even to a two if possible – so you can feel like a

brand new person again!

Bio Health Scan on Head

Some customers report back that they feel blessed relief the first time trying this solution.

And even renowned nutritionist Barbara Cox says that “Bio Resonance Therapy is the future of medicine”.

So here’s how you can experience it for yourself:

And best of all when you are ready to increase your health span and feel the difference with a Bio Resonance Health Scan you can book a demo session online, now with me or one of our highly trained specialists.

For a full two hour demo session of our Bio Health scan and deeper insights in how we use Bio Resonance Therapy – simply call me, Kevin Davies, on 02079 657 548 today or visit my website at www.biohealth-scan.com for the latest prices and product range. It will be one of the best decisions you make this year.

Now, one of the most common questions I get from clients is:

How many sessions do I need?
And the simple answer is: It depends on your injury.
Generally, the healthier you are, the quicker your body can recover, given the correct conditions. But as you already know, the more injuries you have, the longer recovery takes. So in other words, the more complex the injury is, or the longer you’ve had to deal with an injury – the more Bio Health Scan sessions you’ll need.

Pioneers in Frequency Medicine using DENAS PCM, NLS 3D, 8DLRIS, Bioplasm, Hunter NLS 4025, Meta Hunter, Biophilia, Clinical and Hospital, PEMF and Spooky2 Rife Machine

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