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Discover your Inside Story to increase your Health Span and
feel the difference with a Bio Resonance Health Scan

At Bio Health Scan we offer effective complementary treatments,
not just for for Lyme Disease.
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Well suppose like me, you are in the health business.
Health is a delicate matter and I don’t know if you have ever had to deal with
poor health but its a painful experience you never want to repeat.
Anyway, the tricky part is, how do you get back to good health
quickly, so you can get on with your life?

is pain stooping you train

The conventional methods are complex, have a lot of people involved and really
falls apart when even the experts are baffled and you’re left to your own devices.
The whole thing could take months or even years, longer than it needs to, which
is very unsettling, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and helpless.


are you left feeling helpless?

So basically I have found a way to help you recover from your injuries quicker than
conventional methods, in a safe and pain free way.

You can probably imagine how complicated that can be.

hang on pain ends

We look at the processes keeping you healthy and we also need to figure out what is
stopping your body from healing properly.
And when you do it correctly, your Health Span increases.
Everyone is talking about increasing our Health Span, fulfilling one of our greatest desires
to stay as fit and healthy as possible for as long as possible, even though the years
are ticking by.

So I created my unique ‘5 Step method’ for using this incredible technology that helps
you get great results, heal faster with renewed energy so you can
swiftly feel like a brand new person again.
And along the way, help you become your own Health Boss.
read more about it in our buyers guide.
We are now working towards ways to do it faster and better.

pathways to health

The Health and Wellbeing market is evolving, being at the forefront with
new technology that stimulates the body for optimal performance,
is much more appealing than conventional ways.

Our AIO Biophilia offering is the most comprehensive body analysis system in use today.


But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of our satisfied customers have said:

‘I was back playing Tennis in a week after being signed off for three months by the club physio.
Every club should have one. Thanks Kevin’

‘It’s a fantastic feeling as you get better and become your own health boss!
Thanks Kevin’


‘Back spasms rudely interrupted my game of golf. Back playing again after
only one session, remarkable’


We can also help with Lyme Disease, chronic back pain, cardiovascular decline,
gut and digestive issues and if that’s not enough for you to discover your inside story
and feel the difference with a Bio Health Scan, if you continue reading you can
download a sample report.


So in a nutshell, what we do is identify, break and reverse the downward degenerative
pain cycle, and in most cases you can feel the changes during the session, It’s that quick.


We work with ideas for your Health Goal to Remineralise, Regenerate, Rejuvenate with the
end result to increase your Health Span.


Although I have helped to further develop and created my unique ‘5 Step Method’ so you
can use these Bioresonance systems like a professional, I’m only human and until now,
youtube was not in my tech bag…
Subscribe to my channel on YouTube, to view my collection of sample Bio Health Scans,
search for ‘Pathways to Health with Bio Resonance’  for my collection of sample scans.


I opened my Sales & Marketing Centre, in May 2019 for you to try this awesome technology
where traditional Holistic methods meet modern technology.


Here is how we do it.
Your Bio Health Scan demo session is for up to two hours where we look at the processes
that keep you healthy.
When you visit, we include the Bioscan to analyse your Essential Mineral and Vital Vitamin
levels for instant health insights. This can also help you by being more selective at the
health food store as it takes the guess work out of what is fuelling your body.
We use the Hunter for the Automated Full Body Scan with its deep 3D Spiral scan,
to pinpoint areas of imbalance that need immediate attention then we establish a
base line if ‘Bugs’ are part of the disease process. Next up is the Biophilia configured
for Accelerated Healing, along with my unique ‘5 Step Method’ to Scan & Treat in
the same session for rapid recovery from your injuries.


That’s what we can do at my Wellbeing centre in Poole, but if you don’t like to travel
we can also offer a non local, distant Bio Health Scan that you can view on your pc
from the comfort of your own home with Scancaster.
All you need to do is send us a sample of your DNA.


Scancaster to view your Bio Health Scan


I use and supply these systems so you too can have a ‘Doctor’ in your home.

Remember we look at the processes that keep you healthy, when you do it right,
your Health Span increases and along the way we help you become your own Health Boss.


To discover your inside story and feel the difference with a Bio Health Scan
Book your session now and check out our availability & prices online or
Call Kevin today on 07734 200 516


Work with me
I work with an extraordinary talented group of health specialists,
drop me a line to find out how you can be included.


Working with Frequency Medicine since 2003
Blazing the trail for Hunter, AIO Biophilia, Clinical and Hospital,
Digital Anatomy Research Systems. DARS.


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