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Are you Curious about your Health?

Increase your Health Span and feel the difference with a Bio Resonance Health Scan

At Bio Health Scan we offer effective complementary treatments not just for for Lyme Disease

Well suppose like me, you are in the health business. Health is a delicate matter and I don’t know if you have ever had to deal with poor health but its a painful experience you never want to repeat.

Anyway, the tricky part is,
how do you get back to good health quickly,
so you can get on with your life?

The conventional methods are complex, have a lot of people involved and really falls apart when even the experts are baffled and you’re left to your own devices.

The whole thing could take months or even years, longer than it needs to, which is very unsettling, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

So basically I have found a way to help you
recover from your injuries quicker than
conventional methods, in a safe and pain
free way.

And along the way help you become
your own Health Boss.

You can probably imagine how complicated that can be.

We look at the processes keeping you healthy and we also need to figure out what is stopping your body from healing properly.

But when you do it correctly, your Health Span increases.

Everyone is talking about increasing our Health Span, our desire to stay as fit and well as possible for as long as possible,
even though the years are ticking by.

So I created a unique ‘5 Step Method’ for using this incredible technology that helps you get great results, heal faster with renewed energy so you can swiftly feel like a brand new person again.

And along the way, help you become your own Health Boss.

We are now working towards ways to do it faster and better.

The health and wellbeing market has changed, being at the forefront with new technology that stimulates the body to work better, is much more appealing than conventional ways, read more about it in our buyers guide.

Our AIO Biophilia Bio Resonance system is the most comprehensive body analysis system in use today.

Pioneers in Frequency Medicine using DENAS PCM, NLS 3D, 8DLRIS, Bioplasm, Hunter NLS 4025, Meta Hunter, Biophilia, Clinical and Hospital, PEMF and Spooky2 Rife Machine

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of our satisfied customers have said:

I was back playing Tennis in a week after being signed off for three months by the club physio.
Every club should have one.
Thanks Kevin’

It’s a fantastic feeling as you get better and become your own health boss!
Thanks Kevin’

Back spasms rudely interrupted my game of golf. Back playing again after only one session, remarkable’

We can also help with rapid recovery from Lyme Disease, Chronic Back pain, Cardiovascular Decline, Gut and Digestive issues and if that’s not enough for you to feel the difference with a Bio Health Scan, if you continue reading you could take advantage of my special offer.

So in a nutshell, what we do with a bio resonance health scan is identify, break and reverse the downward degenerative pain cycle, and in most cases you can feel the changes during the session, It’s that quick.

Although I have helped to further develop and created a unique ‘5 Step Method’ to simplify the use this remarkable technology, I’m only human and until now, youtube was not in my tech bag…
Subscribe to my channel on YouTube, just search for “Bio Health Scan” to view my collection of sample Bio Resonance Health scans from my Pathways to Health with Bio Resonance series.


I opened my Sales & Marketing Centre, in May 2019 for you to try this awesome technology where traditional holistic methods meet modern technology.
Demo Sessions at my centre last for two hours for clients  or once a month book a room for group demos to show the Hunter software in the morning and the Biophilia in the afternoon from 10am to 3pm with a lunch break starting at £875 for groups of 5.

As a thank you for staying with me this far, here is my special offer that I hope you will find hard to resist.

Let me explain, as part of the processes we look at that keep you healthy, we analyse your Essential Mineral and Vital Vitamin levels with the Bioscan, this can also help you by being more selective at the health food store as it takes the guess work out of what is fuelling your body.
This process is quick, completed in around 20 minutes and costs £58.

Your Bio Health Scan demo session of around two hours where we use the ‘Hunter’ for the Automated Full Body scan that quickly pinpoints areas that need immediate attention and then use the faster Biophilia configured for Accelerated Healing, along with my unique ‘5 Step Method‘ to Scan & Treat in the same session for rapid recovery from your injuries and costs £198.

Now I can’t just give this offer to everyone wanting a Bioresonance health scan, I have costs to cover so that I can continue with my good work, offering an effective complementary treatment for Lyme disease, helping people with their health so they can thrive again.
So here is the discount code that you use when you prepay for your Bio Health Scan session, BYOHB.

When you mention the discount code: BYOHB at time of booking, I will include your Mineral & Vitamin report for FREE, saving you £58.

That should be enough for everyone who is searching for a better way to manage their health, for those, like me, aiming to increase their Health Span but wait, I will go that extra step.
How would you feel if I also reduced your Bio Health Scan to £140, will that be enough to temp you to pick up the phone and call me?

Just to recap, This Special Offer will save you £116 on your Bio Health Scan that includes a Free Bioscan Mineral & Vitamin Report.

Remember we look at the processes that keep you healthy, when you do it right your Health Span increases and along the way we help you become your own Health Boss. And best of all when you are ready to feel the difference with a Bio Resonance Health Scan you can book a demo session online, now with me or one of our highly trained specialists by clicking here.

To take advantage of this Special Offer to book your Bio Health Scan,
with me or one of my fully trained specialists
Call Kevin today on 02079 657 548 and mention the discount code: BYOHB.

I work with an extraordinary talented group of health specialists, drop me a line to find out how you can be included.

Have you also considered joining us with a listing on OnlyHolistic or on Treatwiser or on Findatherapy?

As advertised in WDDTY, Natural Health and locally in Dorset in the Focus Magazines.

Pioneers in Frequency Medicine using DENAS PCM, NLS 3D, 8DLRIS, Bioplasm, Hunter NLS 4025, Meta Hunter, Biophilia, Clinical and Hospital, PEMF and Spooky2 Rife Machine


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