Bio Health Scan Training

Training on my unique ‘5 Step Method’ using the
AIO Biophilia is available with
Carol Miller, B.Sc M.A. CTHA

Carol Miller

Training on the Bioscan is available for £220 that also includes a Free 30min Follow up for Q&A’s
within one month of the session.

Next Remote Training session for the ‘5 Step Method’ on the Biophilia is scheduled for
Thursday 15 September 2020.

Click here to join the meeting, ID 88191622301

Book training sessions in blocks of 5 or 10 for personal, family or practitioners.

For Personal or Family use we recommend the Family Pack of 5 training sessions.

For Practitioner use, where we go into greater depth and cover the legal side of working with clients, we recommend the Practitioner pack of 10 training sessions.
For personal or family use of 5 Sessions @ £220 each per session £1,100
Practitioners 10 sessions @ £220 each per session £2,200

Training content covers the ‘5 Step Method’ as developed by Kevin.
Practice Management as developed by Carol.

Each Zoom training session is for up to an hour, run weekly on a Thursday afternoon at 1pm, 3pm for Practitioners.

Initial training on the AIO Biophilia is available in blocks of 5 or 10 sessions paid for at time of booking.

Also for Practitioners, Certificates for Insurance are only issued after successful completion of an Assessment session.

Certificated Assessment for Practitioners £270
Remote Assessment session £150,
Certificate in pdf format £120

Once you have completed your initial training
additional sessions are available for £150.
Additional ad-hoc sessions covering items
in the manual are available for £150.
Additional one 2 one sessions for
individual tutoring are available for £150.

The AIO Biophilia supplied by Bio Health Scan includes an i7 laptop, preconfigured for Automated Full Body Scan, Accelerated Healing with the 5 Step Method, ready to go.
So you can be up and running as quickly as possible.

It took Kevin years of research and study, trials and errors, to understand a very effective way to increase his Health Span to not just survive but thrive. That we now offer to you.

We look at the processes that keep you healthy and figure out what is stopping your body from healing properly, when done correctly our Health Span increases, helping to fulfil our desire to stay as fit and healthy as possible, for as long as possible, even though the years are ticking by.

I am Carol Miller, B.Sc M.A. CTHA founder of Wellness thru Energy.
I am a fully qualified ‘Food and Nutritionist’ and ‘Aromatherapist’, working with Bioresonance systems since 2014.
Experience 30+ years Tai Chi Practitioner / UK Gold Medal Yang style form
Owner: Wellness Thru Energy, your Personal Wellness Consultant

Don’t like Zoom, want In Person training? Or Executive Personal training?

Personal or Executive training is available at my Training Centre in Nailsea, BS48 2EF.