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Our equipment is simply the best, smallest, fastest, portable health scanners available today.

The All In One Biophilia is in a league of its own for usability coupled with effectiveness for sub £7K Bio Resonance systems price range. The AIO Biophilia can be ordered from our secure e-commerce site by clicking here.

Therapists can add extra services to their practice, giving their clients immediate extra value.

Sports Professionals can benefit from rapid recovery to train harder for longer.

Ideal for home use where traveling to your local health practice is not an option.

Families are waking up to a better way to manage their long term health challenges taking you beyond the ideas for optimum nutrition from supplements and mega dosing.

For the inside track to staying in front you can view our buyers guide by clicking here.

And best of all you can try it, by booking a demo session with one of our highly trained specialists by clicking here.

What’s Included?

Equipment Details

All In One Case with an i7 Laptop
Bio Health scans completes an Automated Full body scan and treatments in the same session.
The biofield sensors are conveniently housed in ‘Headphone covers’ that send and collect information about the state of your body.
Areas of interest where your body is stressed are automatically identified and clearly displayed on the computer screen, then treated.
Session Guides, your pictorial tutorials get you up and working as fast as possible.
Preconfigured: Daily Vitality Scan, Top 30 Bug zap

Includes Session Guide 1, parts 1,2&3 to get you working as quickly as possible for the Metapathia
(Hunter) software suite.
Best prices on the web with first class support.
Authorised Distributor.

With i7 laptop, 15.6” Display, windows 10 with software pre installed and configured.

Remote Support:
First month Priority Remote support included when you need it the most as you get familiar with the system.
Priority remote support only £120 for three, up to 20min slots.
Remote long term support from £45 per month for 3, up to 40min slots.

High Speed Interactive Graphical Information System. All In One Case.
Software: Biophilia, Metapathia GR Hunter.
Biofield sensors: 4
Four years warranty.
World Wide shipping included.
Includes latest version of our Getting Started Guide to get you up and going in no time at all.

The AIO Biophilia can be ordered from our secure e-commerce site by clicking here.


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