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We look at the process keeping you healthy, use our Bio Resonance technology for Accelerated Healing and help you become your own Health Boss. Now we are working towards ways to do it faster, better and cheaper.


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I made the decision to open Bio Health Scan to fulfil my desire to help others regain their health by providing a convenient and simple way for people to try or buy these systems at a fair and reasonable price with exceptional customer service.

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Our equipment is simply the best, smallest, fastest, portable health scanners available
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The Science
…behind how all this works… An enlightening explanatory video on the technology
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How to Speed up your Sports injury Recovery time
How to Speed up your Sports injury Recovery time by up to
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Talk About Health with Bioresonance
The Bio Health Scan uses the well known properties of bioresonance or
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Bio Resonance Therapy
Bio Resonance Health Scans are based on the idea that unhealthy cells
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Best You magazine April 2021
Best You magazine April 2021 Our article appears in The Best You
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