Bio Health Scans done right About

Welcome, I made the decision to open Bio Health Scan to fulfil my
desire to help others regain their health

We look at the process keeping you healthy, use our Bio Resonance technology for Accelerated Healing and help you become your own Health Boss. Now we are working towards ways to do it faster, better and cheaper.

So you could experience a new way to achieving better health that I had
found and mastered on my long and windy road back to health.

I did not want to only survive, I wanted my health back, to THRIVE!

Kevin at Health and Wellbeing show

Kevin at Health and Wellbeing show

I had a poor experience with conventional medicine and experimented with alternative, complementary biological medicine, that lead me to discover Frequency Medicine.

In 2003, I first experienced Frequency Medicine, and soon after bought my first device and retrained as a therapist, reselling SCENAR style devices from Denas. With over 12 years experience I then bought my first Rife system Jan 2017, a Spooky2 Rife rig, and then my first Bio Resonance system, later that same year.

Given my background in electronics and computing, I knew there was a great opportunity to provide a simple, transparent and friendly service for other people to experience this fantastic technology and pass on my unique insights of how to use it. Learning a new life skill, for life.

Now, I help people every day to overcome serious health conditions and fulfilling my desire to help them by providing a convenient and simple way for people to try or buy these systems at a fair and reasonable price with exceptional customer service.

This is proving very effective as more people learn how to research and learn about their own health from my unique understandings with this technology.
With more research we can only get better!