How to Speed up your Sports injury Recovery time

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How to Speed up your Sports injury Recovery time by up to as much as 50%

Let’s be honest.

Sports injuries like strains, sprains, and ligament damage are serious setbacks.

Especially, frequent injuries that put you out of action for three to six months! Not only is it heartbreaking, but it could also cost a small fortune in rehabilitation.

But what if I told you that there’s a better way than the conventional path you’re accustomed to?

  • A way to speed up recovery by up to 50% – meaning you could get back to full activity in just a few weeks rather than months – while experiencing optimum performance and recovery between rest days.
  • Recover faster from overtraining and other sports injuries without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.
  • And a way that could even help you with allergies, food intolerances, and all kinds of acute viral and bacterial infections – often the culprits that lead to injuries in the first place.

The solution?

I’m of course talking about Frequency Medicine – or as it’s better known, Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT).

Maybe you’ve heard of it before and just need some confirmation.

Or it’s the first time you’ve come across it here.

Either way, here’s why it’s a godsend to your recovery process from overtraining and other sports-related injuries.

What the fuss is all about

Reputable studies and leading experts agree – Frequency Medicine is extremely effective in treating sports injuries like bruises, contusions, swellings, muscle problems, torn ligaments, and even broken bones to heal up to 50% faster!

In fact, some experts and athletes like the Swedish Cross Country Team give credit to Frequency Medicine for their rapid recovery1.

And in other cases, athletes have reported significant injury improvements in just 3 to 5 days, and with nearly full recovery within 14 – 21 days.

Now, you may wonder: If this is such a great treatment, why isn’t Frequency Medicine more widely known and used by sportsmen and women in the UK?

Well, the answer is quite straightforward.

It’s because much of the research proving the benefits is not based in the UK. But there’s overwhelming evidence online.

For example:

In 2018, a controlled clinical trial2 in Russia took 60 athletes with overtraining syndrome and divided them into two groups with similar age, sex, and sports activity.

Group one treated 30 athletes with Bio Resonance Therapy, where group two ( the control) received placebo procedures of a non-functioning device.

After the treatment, the athletes that received BRT experienced the following results:

  • A calmer nervous system – which prepares your body better for physical and mental activity!
  • Improved heart health and blood pressure!
  • And – reduced stress levels compared to the control group!

The conclusion? Bio Resonance Therapy works wonders for overtraining.

But, it gets even better.

Bio Resonance Therapy “scans and treats” your sports injuries in the same session without the need for medication or even surgery.

Just think about it: Painkillers, alcohol, and prescription drugs can be highly addictive when used for pain relief, and surgery can cost a fortune.

So to be able to turn to an alternative, holistic solution, that could be safer and quicker than the mainstream way – is a blessing for athletes.

To prove it to you, let me show you a 2-step demonstration of how I use Frequency Medicine in a typical Bio Health Scan session to scan and treat to help my clients recover quickly from sports-related injuries or other chronic pains.

Step 1:

When you arrive for a session, you’ll sit comfortably in a chair and put on a pair of special headphones housing the Bio Sensors. This is so that the Bio Health Scan technology can “read” frequency wavelengths from your body while feeding back corrective signals – displaying virtual pictures of your internal system on the screen – clearly showing us what’s out of balance.

We call these ‘areas of interest’.

Each area is measured with a ‘1-6 point coloured scale’. This simply means, the higher the number on that scale, the more stress is found in a certain area. So 4-6 indicates immediate attention, while 1-3 signals the area is OK.

Now, the goal of the Bio Health Scan technology is to get the four, five, and six stress markers down to threes and even to twos as soon as possible so you can feel like a

brand new person again!

And this is where step 2 begins: Treating the trauma areas!

Now that the Bio Health Scan technology has a full “internal map” of those areas of interest – they can be treated.

Bio Health Scan on Head

As this happens, you’ll begin to see how those stress markers are reducing to lower numbers right in front of you – and you may even start to feel the changes too!

When the treatment is done, a clear ‘before and after’ comparison will show up – giving you the confidence that you’ve treated and improved those sports injuries in the most natural, holistic way possible.

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more:

Bio Health Scan technology also helps athletes with allergies, food intolerances, and all kinds of acute viral and bacterial infections!

Here’s why:

As the technology completes an automated Full Body Scan, it ‘shines a light’ on all areas that require immediate attention – not just on the injuries like sprains or hip pain you wanted to treat in the first place.

Often, through this comprehensive, analysis do clients discover all kinds of viral and bacterial infestations they were completely unaware of – that have been growing in populations for decades!

So as the Bio Health Scan technology can identify these culprits, those miscreant microbes you were unaware of, it can also treat them effectively.

Just imagine how confident you’ll feel when your body is stronger than ever before, your training sessions are more intense than ever before and your recovery is faster than ever before.

So if you’ve read this far, maybe you’re willing to go a little further and try out a Bio Health Scan session for yourself. If so, it could be one of the best decisions you make today.

Look, you can continue along the same path, searching for alternative solutions to your sports injuries, while struggling to sleep at night and waking up every morning feeling worse – while relying on painkillers and other prescription drugs to just “manage your pain”.

Or you can try a demo session of the Bio Health Scan technology I use every day helping my clients to a faster and easier recovery than ever before.


  • Frequency Medicine is extremely effective in treating sports-related injuries like bruises, contusions, swellings, muscle problems, torn ligaments, even broken bones to heal up to 50% faster.
  • You can recover from overtraining and other issues without the use of prescription drugs, medical tests, x-rays, or surgery.
  • It’s a painless, non-invasive and safe treatment that takes seconds to give you feedback on the state of your injuries.
  • And you can treat allergies, food intolerances and all kinds of acute viral and bacterial infections that often cause injuries in the first place!

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it.

As I said before, I want you to experience the amazing benefits for yourself. So YOUR direct experience is all that matters.

Just like one of my clients, CJ from London:

Really pleased, this technology should be at every club to keep us playing!”

“The physio signed me off from my favourite sport, tennis for six months because of a sprained back! I did a session with the Bio Health Scan Technology and felt the pain leave me. A couple of days later I wanted to play again so I kept pestering the physio. After three weeks, he finally let me play again. The best part? I experienced no further pain.”

Or FG from Parkstone, Poole:

After my first Bio Health Scan session, I experienced immediate relief!”

“My game of golf was rudely interrupted when I experienced a painful back spasm. After my first BRT session, I experienced immediate relief. Three days later, I was back golfing! This made me very happy.”

Or SB from Bournemouth:

Sleeping and training going great!”

“I had severe tummy pains that stopped me playing football! It made me miserable and kept me up most nights. After just one session with the Bio Health Scan – I felt amazing and my gut issues were almost non-existent. Plus, I’m sleeping better now and my training is going great.”

Now, one of the most common questions I get from clients is:
How many sessions do I need?
And the simple answer is: It depends on your injury.

Generally, the healthier you are, the quicker your body can recover, given the correct conditions. But as you already know, the more injuries you have, the longer recovery takes.

So in other words, the more complex the injury is, or the longer you’ve had to deal with an injury – the more Bio Health Scan sessions you’ll need.

Now, it’s your turn.

Here’s how to experience a Bio Health Scan session for yourself:

Simply visit today to check our availability online and book your session, or call me directly on 02079 657 548 to discuss how this technology could help you recover from sports injuries and other chronic issues quickly and safely. Please remember, if I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll get back to as soon as I can.

Or enter your email address to kept informed about our products and services.

  2. Russian Controlled Clinical Study –

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