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Discover your Inside Story to Increase your Health Span
and feel the difference with a Bio Resonance Health Scan

Bio Resonance Health Scans are based on the idea that unhealthy cells
or organs emit altered electro-magnetic waves due to cellular DNA damage.

Proponents of Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) believe that detection of these waves can be used to find disease, while trying to change these waves back to their normal frequency will treat disease.

Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) is where traditional holistic practices
meet modern technology.

Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) quickly detects areas of our body that are in need of immediate attention, influencing those areas with the full spectrum of correctly polarised healing or corrective frequencies to strengthen our body and its resources, further supporting our internal organs, bringing your terrain back into balance.

Building on the shoulders from the great thinkers of our time Nickola Tesla, Royal Rife, Hulda Clark, Dr. Reinhard Voll, Franz Morell, Paul Schmidt, Bob Becker, Jerry Tenant, Prof Nesterov, who have been able to figure out what we all have in common…

Every one of us have the same Meridian map.

And we can stimulate those Meridians in a variety of ways for improvements to our health.
And then the question becomes…

How convenient can we make that process?

The Chinese have known about this for over 3,000 years using bamboo sticks and needles. It is now common knowledge that Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the Meridians map in Acupuncture for health improvements along with powerful herbs.

Good, knowledgeable Nutritionists, Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners also know about these herbs, we then introduce to our diets and monitor the changes over the following year, helping you become your own health boss.
In extreme cases this can be a detox, cleans or a fast cycle to help our body rejuvenate quicker.

Your body’s Meridians can also be stimulated by sound or by electronic means using micro currents or oscillating electric waves. Introducing them to the body through the skin by small, hand held electronic devices or by holding on to metal rods, or by resting your feet on cold metal plates or conductive straps wrapped round your wrists, ankles and head with messy sticky gels to help with skin conductivity.

Or by a spectrum of Electro Magnetic waves, Electro Magnetic Frequencies, by exposure to plasma tubes are also very effective and give a bit of extra drama, as it looks very pretty.

Or by using our system, the full spectrum of correctly polarised healing frequencies introduced to your body by ‘Bio Field sensors’. Ours are conveniently housed in headphone covers.

Or by using DNA samples for non local action.

During a Bio Resonance Therapy session with our AIO Biophilia, we influence the body with the full spectrum of correctly polarised corrective frequencies by replacing damaged information with corrective information, resetting the body’s innate ability to regenerate itself.
This process is quick, educational, interactive and very addictive especially when as you work on an ‘Area Of Interest’ you feel the improvements straight away.
During this process we are giving the body what it needs to heal as quickly as it can, where other, more conventional modalities fail.

And the benefits of Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) do not not stop there.

Unhealthy cells have an underlying reason why they don’t work as well as they can when our immune system is compromised along with a sluggish Liver.

From our own research we have found the ‘Top 30 Bugs’ that are detrimental to our health and live in our community we then Zap.

Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi are part of nature. We all carry around with us a ‘Bug’ population. Some are good, some are bad and depending on what happens to our body, or what our body is exposed to depends on what type of symptoms are expressed where the body is weakest, when we fall ill.

These bad Bugs, those miscreant microbes, make our life hell, they feed and tunnel through our internal organs, using our blood as a way to travel around our body, changing the normally healthy balanced terrain in our gut. The toxic waste they ooze, aggravates our nerve endings causing inflammation and all manner of symptoms.

Our inbuilt self replicating healing mechanisms repair as much as it can, but when the Bug infestation is big enough, those repairs are not completed as well as they can, leaving scar tissue that gradually depreciates the function of an organ, leading to premature signs of ageing.

With our nerves inflamed, the surrounding muscles tighten up, further reducing blood flow to that region, starving that area of oxygen and vital nutrients, making that area ‘Bug Heaven’ as their waste builds up and our body steadily looses its vitality, degenerates, the pain signals get louder and symptoms pop up all over.

The good news is ‘Bugs’, also have an electro magnetic signature that our Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) can detect, measure and influence.

Meaning we can measure the underlying reasons why your body is not healing properly, why you are still ill, not in better health and can start to gauge how well our immune system is coping.

In a nutshell we can quickly identify, stop and reverse the downward pain spiral, with some clients they feel the results immediately, our system is that quick!

When the ‘Bugs’ are in control, it’s not that our immune system has stopped working, it’s just that it’s failing to clear these bug out quickly enough. They have treated our body like a farm, colonising those areas that hurt the most, robbing us of our nutrition, vitality and energy.

By introducing resonant frequencies at their mortal oscillation rate, we are able to ‘De Polarise’ these bugs, we are able to influence a family of ‘Bad Bugs’ so they are less able to thrive.
When you introduce them to electromagnetic waves or frequencies at their resonant frequency they are rattled and shaken, very hard, so hard it messes with their polarity (the positive and negative sides), making them more visible and readily available to our immune system, allowing our immune system to get on and destroy them and take back control.

Our AIO Biophilia system rattles and shakes bugs so hard at their resonant frequency they lose their invisibility shield for our immune system to clean up and clear them away through our cleansing organs, the Lymph, Liver & Kidneys.

Some Bio Resonance systems can kill these bugs outright, but they are in our body for a reason, right? But do you want to suffer unwanted symptoms because of them? I know I don’t and you probably feel the same way.

So when we influence a bad Bug infestation, that is over powering us, causing us unwanted symptoms, a bug population we don’t want, what can Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) do to help us?

In our ‘Bioresonance world’ once we have identified the predominantly active bugs and established a base line to work from, we simply dampen their action down and change their electro magnetic properties by ‘De Polarising’ them.

This ‘De Polarising’ action can be explained by using the analogy of magnets. With two South pole magnets, with their magnetic fields close to each other, they move away from each other with a repelling action. When you change one magnetic field to a North pole, they come together, they are attracted to each other, in this case opposites attract.

So if our immune system magnetic properties is a South pole and the culprit Bugs have the same polarity, when they pass each other by in your body, they are invisible to each other, there is a repelling action. It’s very hard for our immune system to catch them, but our embattled immune system does catch them, just not quickly enough.

Now when we introduce a resonant frequency, at the Bugs mortal oscillation rate to our body, it has a massive impact on those bad Bugs that also messes with their polarity.

The Bugs are rattled and shaken, hard, very hard, so hard they become sluggish, they are forced to slow down.

The polarity of their protective magnetic field is also altered, making it more like a North pole.

Much like the magnets, when the opposite magnetic poles are close, they are attracted to each other.

Now when a Bug passes close to our immune system with their invisible protective shield in tatters, not only are they moving more slowly but there is a powerful attraction between them, which makes it very hard for the Bugs to escape from our immune system as it deals with them.

With the bad Bugs mechanism to hide lost, they become more visible to our in built defence mechanisms, to our immune system that then clears them out in the usual fashion, through our cleansing organs the Lymph, Liver and Kidneys and in exceptional circumstances through our skin.

That’s another reason why we need to support those key internal organs and keep them working as well as they can. If the die off from the Bugs is ejected through the skin, its unsightly and messy, with weeping sores that need to be attended to.

By dealing with a family of those bad Bugs that keep us ill in this way, we are supporting our immune system. In so doing we are placing our bodies in the best possible place to increase our heath span to not just survive but thrive.

By supporting our immune system with Bio Resonance Therapy, as the outward symptoms subside we gain an advantage that is very difficult for other conventional medical modalities to achieve by themselves.

In the future, with a restored healthy body, along with a rested immune system, it does not really matter what other ‘New Bug’ is around the corner as our immune system is designed to take care of it in the usual manner.

With what’s going on in our environment over the last hundred years, for the future we can expect more toxicity. Seasonal bouts of illness are steadily getting more deadly and not just to our aging population.
We need to think about a new approach that Frequency Medicine has to offer so even those things that nobody has a name for yet, with a rested immune system, those can be more easily defeated.

Its my firm believe that Frequency Medicine is the future for affordable private, preventative, predictive, participative and personal health measures for use at spas, wellbeing centres and at our homes to help ourselves and our family.

This is what Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) has to offer to increase our Health Span to not just survive but thrive.

And best of all when you are ready to increase your health span and feel the difference with a Bio Resonance Health Scan you can book a demo session online, now with me or one of our highly trained specialists.

With more research we can only get better!

Pioneers in Frequency Medicine using DENAS PCM, NLS 3D, 8DLRIS, Bioplasm, Hunter NLS 4025, Meta Hunter, Biophilia, Clinical and Hospital, PEMF and Spooky2 Rife Machine

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