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…behind how all this works…

An enlightening explanatory video on the technology

Casting my mind back to when I was a child at school, in Physics we were taught that all things vibrated, that the seemingly solid table was a dense collection of atoms in the shape of a desk, That an Atom vibrated and had a nucleus packed full of neutrons surrounded by swirling charged particles, a positive proton and a negative electron.

atom picture

But the information on the web is scarce for what happens to the electrical magnetic frequency properties of an Atom when it is part of a biological system, a structure or a cell…

until now of course…

This video by Ulrike Granogger made for Future Science at tells the story of wave genetics, non local action, Biological photonics, Electromagnetic Bio Information, DNA Messaging, Informational imprints in water, How to tell Happy Chickens from sad battery reared Chickens by using light…

and lots more, its a long video, very technical in parts, packed full of information.

Thank you Ulrike for shedding some light on these subjects.

atom in head

And then there is water to consider, Can water really make a bridge? After about 1hr Prof Jerry Pollock introduces ideas about EZ water and biological systems from his presentation to the House of Lords or visit his website at for more info on the Fourth Phase of Water.


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