Affordable AIO Biophilia reducing the pain on your wallet

Bio Health Scans done right Services Affordable AIO Biophilia reducing the pain on your wallet

The AIO Biophila can be one of the best investments you can make in your body and health.

It’s time to break free from the conventional paths that may cost a fortune in time, money and energy as you go through the trial and errors of recovery.

And now we have been accepted by we can offer some great ways to help ease the pain on your wallet by spreading the cost over 4 to 10 months, with systems available with a deposit and repayments each month from just under £270 per month, which works out to be around £65 a week!

Plan 1
Deposit 50%
13 Weeks
  • Deposit £2,801
  • System Price £5,602

:: with

Plan 2
Deposit 45%
26 Weeks
  • Deposit £2,592
  • System Price £5,759

:: with

Plan 3
Deposit 40%
39 Weeks
  • Deposit £2,388
  • System Price £5,968

:: with

Because with the AIO Biophilia system – you won’t need to be a slave to your pain. You can deal with a sports injury quickly, safely and most importantly, painlessly. So put the ice pack away, skip the expensive treatments that only give you temporary relief, and say goodbye to those long recovery times for good! Because you only need to invest in an AIO Biophilia system once – but then you’ll benefit from it for life!

Sure, it will require a bigger investment upfront – but once you have it, you can reap the “healing” benefits any time you have to deal with a hamstring pull or tear, a tennis elbow, a hip pain or other unexpected injuries. And all that without relying on painkillers, expensive treatments or God forbid – surgery! Plus, you’ll appreciate and understand your body better too.

Because as the AIO Biophilia system “detects and treats” your ailments, you’ll discover and learn about your own health and what makes you tick! Making it one of the best health tools you can own today, and one of the best ways to learn a new skill for life!


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