After Sales Remote Assistance

Bio Health Scans done right After Sales Remote Assistance

After Sales Remote Assistance

We are here for you to help you, one step at a time, as you gain a deeper understanding of how these systems work now you have made your investment in your health with us.

Priority Remote Support is included for the first month after purchase, when you need it the most as you become familiar with using the system.

When you need more help, we have several options for you to choose from and prompt payment ensures you get the slot you want.

What Remote support means is we can run these apps on your computer from our remote computer. This is achieved with both computers connected to the internet.

Confirmation for the next available Priority Remote Support is when payment has been made.

Remote support is booked in 20 minute sessions and is just long enough to go over an item from the manual while working on your ‘area of interest’. A separate bill will become due if we run over time.

Prompt payment ensures you get the slot you want.

Remote Assistance is when you need a little bit longer to go over an item.

The Remote Support options available after the first month when you need more help are:

  • Priority Remote Support
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Assistance or Video Remote Assistance

Remote Support up to 20 mins sessions are booked in blocks of three for £150

Run over time is billed at £30 for each additional 15min time slot.
Monthly Annual plan: Remote Support, 12 months support paid monthly for £45p month or get one month free paid annually for £495

Remote Assistance up to 45 mins session for £75

Remote Assistance sessions last for up to 45mins that can be booked by clicking here are more of a walk through as we work on an item from the manual on your ‘area of interest’, helping you gain in confidence using these systems.

To find your way around the system there is the manufactures manual and My Session Guide 1, parts 1,2&3, your pictorial tutorial for using the Hunter software. Only available to my customers.

It took me over 10 months to learn the system, another year to document it.

In outline, we use the Bioscan to establish your Essential Mineral and Vital Vitamin levels, the Hunter software for the Automated Full Body Scan to pin point areas in need of immediate attention and to establish if there is a bug infestation.
And use the Biophilia software to scan and treat using my unique ‘5 Step Method’ for ease of use.

Prompt payment is always appreciated and helps ensure you get the slot you want.