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Having been involved in Natural Health for over 50 years, first as interested
teenager eager to learn more, through to running my own Natural Health
Centre at the Barbican, offering a range of therapies.

I am delighted to now be helping my stepson, Kevin to bring Frequency
Medicine to a wider audience.
Not withstanding the scepticism and derision that are often first responses,
usually from fear or ignorance, 2024 is the year to rise and shine – to raise
our profile and encourage people to adopt Kevin’s Bio Resonance system
as their first choice for health improvement.

Kevin has taken a very complicated system and made it easier to use, with
his unique ‘5 Step method’ you too can use these systems just like the

Our target for 2024 is to grow to 100 or more specialists with their own
AIO Biophilia Bio Resonance systems actively working across the UK helping
thousands of people.

With your help, we will.

However, we are not limited to the UK, and welcome interest from the
enlightened, curious or desperate, wherever you are across the globe.