Jonathan Cox

Bio Health Scan Jonathan Cox



An unforeseen accident or injury is often the trigger to seeking medical treatment, whether it be conventional, or alternative.

My particular journey involved participating in ground breaking medical trials, in the late 60’s, that saved my life.

Moving on to the present day, I stumbled onto Frequency Medicine.

I discovered this for myself when agonising pain in my knee was proving very difficult to heal, a friend introduced me to Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy (PEMF), which helped me to get pain free and heal my knee.

I was so impressed I bought my own PEMF machine, and took steps to qualify as a certified practitioner.

A little later, I met Kevin Davies who introduced me to Bio Resonance. This impressive technology goes a step further in identifying weak points in the body and then strengthens them. Stimulating the body to heal itself, naturally.

My interest in working with natural healing methods started after my incident and my late Father, proudly encouraged my education in this direction.

I truly believe that the way forward for health matters includes Frequency Medicine.