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All In One (AIO) Biophilia system includes every thing you need to be up and working as quickly as possible.
Includes: Express Tracked Delivery and Priority Remote Assistance for the first month as you get to know your way around the software when you need it the most.

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Laptop i7 15inch pre configured with:

Unified Application Launcher for default Bio Health scan desktop
2 in 1 Biophilia ®, Biophilia and Hunter software
Accelerated Healing TM
Automated Full Body Scan TM

And Includes:
Getting Started Guide with my 5 Step Method.
Session Guide 1 parts 1, 2 & 3 for correct Hunter operation.
All in a secure, two layer case.

Shipping by Express Tracked Courier service.

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What’s Included:

all in one biophilia contents

The best priced Bio Resonance systems to Scan and Treat in the same session for a healthier you.

High Speed Interactive Graphical Information System. All In One Case.
2 Software: Biophilia, Hunter.
Biofield sensors: 4
Optional Camera
Four years warranty for the device, the balance of manufacturers 1 yr warranty for the laptop.
World Wide shipping included


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