Nicky Buck

Bio Health Scan Nicky Buck



I have always wanted to help people with their health and started my career training as a Nurse at St. Bart’s Hospital in London. When Glandular Fever struck in my early 20’s my life changed course.
The level of fatigue I have suffered over the years has been beyond frustrating. Bringing up a family, working full time whilst dealing with an illness nobody could see, has been challenging.

Keeping well and supporting my immune system in natural ways became more than
an interest. My first Bio Health Scan was in 2018. The power of the technology inspired
me so much that I bought a system, trained by Kevin, joined the Bio Health Tech team
and set up my own practice Bio Resonance Health working in Christchurch and Poole.

I am now really enjoying my life, helping clients to understand what’s going on inside
their own body and empowering them to take responsibility for their own health and
journey to feeling better!

My website is you can view by clicking here.