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Bio Resonance Health Scan

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How can Frequency Medicine help you?

With Frequency Medicine we can help you recover from your injuries quicker
than conventional methods in a safe and pain free way.
Helping us to increase our Health Span, fulfilling one of our greatest desires
to stay as as fit and healthy as possible, for as long as possible,
even though the years are ticking by.

How Frequency Medicine TM can help

Scan & Treat in the same session
Holistic and Proactive
Preventative screening, safe and non invasive
Personalised targeted Nutrition
Identify Essential Mineral and Vital Vitamins Levels for Instant Heath Insights
Interactive, educating the client
Informative reports. Easily shared
Automated Full Body Scan
Treating Clinical / Sub Clinical Health conditions
Pinpoint weak areas in your body that are out of balance
Accelerated Healing
Reduce pain straight away
Reduce recovery times by over 50%
Reduce reliance on Antibiotics

Improved quality of life
Strengthen weak areas of your body for optimal performance
Identify active pathogen infestations and de-polarise them
De-Polarise ‘Bugs’ removes their invisibility shield from your immune system.
De-Polarise families of ‘Bugs’ at the same time.
Support your immune system
Analysis from the comfort of your own home
Affordable equipment for home use
Affordable treatments at Wellbeing centres
Affordable coaching to keep clients on track
Fulfilling careers keeping clients well
Reducing the load on Doctors and Hospitals
Keeping more people Healthy and in work

Some clients feel the results straight away, It’s that quick! (individual results may vary)
Frequency Medicine or better known as Bio Resonance is where traditional Holistic methods
meet modern technology for faster results.

You do not need to be a medical professional to use these systems.

Instant Health Insights with Bioscan
At Bio Health Scan the AIO Biophilia Bio Resonance system is simply the smallest fastest body analysis system available today.
Unique ‘5 Step Method’ to simplify using the AIO Biophilia Bio Resonance system so you can get great results just like the professionals.
Clear colour virtual pictures of body structures, sub structures and micro structures
Colour 1 to 6 point indicator scale for where your body needs help
AIO Biophilia Bio Resonance system easily fits in the boot of your car for home visits and is suitable to use by Professionals at Health & Wellbeing Centres, Health Spa’s or keen health enthusiasts who are proactive in looking after their health for home and family.