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Hope - Hang On Pain Ends

Curious about health

At Bio Health Scan we have found a way for you to recover from your injuries quicker than conventional methods in a safe and pain free way. And along [...]

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all in one Biophilia


Our equipment is simply the best, smallest, fastest, portable health scanners available today. The All In One Biophilia is in a league of its own for usability coupled with [...]

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AIO Biophilia Buyers Guide

How to Speed up your Sports injury Recovery time

How to Speed up your Sports injury Recovery time by up to as much as 50% Let’s be honest. Sports injuries like strains, sprains, and ligament damage are serious [...]

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Talk About Health with Bioresonance

The Bio Health Scan uses the well known properties of bioresonance or Frequency Medicine to detect and treat bio energetic imbalances in our electro-chemical body in a very convenient [...]

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Bio Resonance Therapy

Bio Resonance Health Scans are based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electro-magnetic waves due to cellular DNA damage. Proponents of Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) [...]

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Best You magazine April 2021

Best You magazine April 2021 Our article appears in The Best You Magazine that has featured global figures like Al Core, Nelson Mandela, Al Pacino, Lewis Hamilton, Michelle Obama, [...]

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The Science

…behind how all this works… An enlightening explanatory video on the technology Casting my mind back to when I was a child at school, in Physics we were taught [...]

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